Countdown to HAZE – The Official Book Trailer

August 12, 2015

Gabriel Foster is tall, dark, handsome and full of secrets.

Get your first sneak peek into your new favourite man of the Foster family next Wednesday, with the steamy release of the official book trailer.

The countdown is on!

haze one week


  1. Tisha Beard

    omg The trailer for Haze just about put 50shades to shame…Can not wait to read this book. I just finished Rise series and totally fell in love with Land on & Tess.

  2. Carol Ann Beatts

    I just watched the trailer for haze and nearly self combusted. It looks set to sizzle. I noted a previous fan’s comment about the age difference and I had to giggle. I’m 56 and love these Alpha male love stories. I think it creates the dynamic that these are accomplished men (that takes time in most cases because most men behave like a two year old till they are 30) Is that pre judging? Any way I think it creates the initial barrier which the younger less experienced woman has to break through. She’s not submissive she brings with her fresh eyes and new ways of dealing with issues which makes these taciturn men rethink their strategies. On a pedestal in the boardroom and on their knees in the bedroom, Though Gabriel may well prove me wrong. Glad their is a rival to 50 shades.

  3. Susan

    I just read the teaser for Haze at the end of Rise. I couldn’t help but notice that Isla is less two years out of high school. Twenty??? Almost seems Like a child is the love interest of this powerful man. Your female protagonist in Rise is only 22. Why so young? Do you select the female’s young age due to to a certain reader demographic? Is it more plausible to you that a very young woman would fall quickly for an Alpha male? I am so curious about this that I had to post my questions.
    I love your stories. I have read everything you have published and will continue to wait with anticipatory glee at the prospect of reading each new novel.

    • Deborah Bladon

      Hi Susan – Thank you for the interest in my books. I write in the New Adult genre which in itself is defined by a particular age for the heroine. I’ve read romance novels for years and have found myself disappointed at times with the dynamic between the two lead characters. It’s difficult to be presented with a heroine in her mid to late twenties who doesn’t have a clear focus for herself. The female character in HAZE is an incredibly accomplished young woman who connects with a man who is successful as well. The journey that they take together isn’t just about him teaching her. She is the guide in many respects. 🙂

      • Susan

        I am anxious to read it. I am outside that demographic, but still enjoy your story telling and style of writing erotic romance. Thank you for your explanation. From my own experience, the early twenties are discovery years where mistakes are made and decisions challenged. It wasn’t a time of self confidence and clear direction. I am now at a point in life where I know myself and what I want. I don’t think that I could have handled the males in your novels then. Ahhhh, but isn’t that what makes your stories so wonderful. Characters that are outside our own life experience, but still believable. Brava Deborah.

  4. Melanie Penney

    When is Haze being released…that’s the one that I want to read so bad, my kind of kink

    • Deborah Bladon

      Hi Melanie – HAZE will be released this fall. I’ll have more details soon!

  5. Rosemary Rodriguez

    Can’t wait…..
    Saludos desde Puerto Rico….

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