Reading Order

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is about the reading order of the series and standalone novellas. Each series contains its own unique couple and their journey, but my series all take place in New York and Boston and feature a group of characters who are connected via friendship or family.

If you want to avoid spoilers within the series the best order to read them is:

The PULSE Series
IMPULSE – A Companion Novella to the PULSE Series
The VAIN Series
SOLO – A Standalone Novella
The RUIN Series
The GONE Series
FUSE – A Standalone Novella
The TRACE Series
CHANCE  – A Standalone Novel
The EMBER Series
The RISE Series
HAZE – A Standalone Novel
SHIVER – A Novella
TORN – A Standalone Novel
The HEAT Series
RISK – A Standalone Novel
MELT – A Novella
SWEAT – A Novella
Troublemaker – A Standalone Novel
WORTH – A Standalone Novel
Hush – Just This Once Series 
Bare – Just This Once Series
Sin – Just This Once Series 
Lace – Just This Once Series



  • Please note – RISK, MELT, SWEAT, and Troublemaker are not closely related to my other books and therefore can be read separately from them. I want to thank you for your interest. I’m truly humbled when anyone chooses to read my work and I’m thankful for the investment in time you’ve put into reading my books.

Deborah xo