RISE – Part Two Update

August 10, 2015

RISE - PART TWOLast week, I was in Hawaii with my family. The main purpose of the trip was to meet readers attending The Wicked Mafia event in Honolulu and it was a great success! I met so many lovely readers from Hawaii and beyond. Plus, I met Sylvia Day and Raine Miller. (Still fangirling.)

Now that I’m home, it’s back to business!

Who is ready for more Landon? I know I am.

RISE – Part Two releases VERY soon!

I’ll be back this week with more info. Xo



  1. patty

    The 24th has just about come & gone! Please update us…..?!?

    • Deborah Bladon

      Hi Patty – I’m waiting for links from the retailers and once I have them I’ll be posting them.

  2. April Cazares

    Its 8/24 and Rise part 2 is no where to be found??

    • Deborah Bladon

      Hi April – It’s being published. As soon as I have links to the retailers I’ll be posting them here on my website and on Facebook. 🙂

  3. Ralfela

    Thank you Ms. Bladon, I am so glad to know that part 2 will be released tomorrow I couldn’t wait. I have read your work since you released your first book with Ivy and Jax and have loved all your work. I am addicted and can’t wait to see what your write next. Keep doing what your wonderful at because if you stopped writing many of your readers will be disappointed.

  4. Melinda

    How soon is Very soon?? Dying for more Landon!!

    • Deborah Bladon

      Hi Melinda – RISE – Part Two releases on August 24th!

  5. julie bower

    When will the rise series be complete as I am waiting until then to read it julie

    • Deborah Bladon

      Hi Julie – It will be complete by the end of this month. Part Two releases next Monday and Part Three days later. 🙂

      • CDBall

        Oh! Miss Deborah!! I am not so patiently waiting for this series to be complete. I’ve read the first part, and am now waiting for the rest. How can something (and someone) SO VERY BAD be so, so very good! I love your writing. I LOVE, love your books. I’ve read EVERYTHING of yours I can get my hands on. Keep up the excellent work, Ms. Bladon!!

      • julie bower

        Can’t wait

  6. Crystal Litwaitis

    Bring on book #2. I am so ready to see why Land on lied about his fathers death.

  7. Diane

    I’m waiting on Landon… Rise part 2

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