September 29, 2020
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week! Mine, on the other hand, was met with some more challenges…
My cover designer and I have been busy trying to get the current and updated cover to meet the guidelines of all the retailers I sell through. While we have made the necessary changes, we are still waiting for approval.
Therefore, CATCH will be delayed until those cover changes are approved.
I’m frustrated but this is truly out of my control. I’m told this shouldn’t take more than a few days, but I don’t want to make a promise on another release date until I have everything sorted.
Please bear with me as I wait for approval and then I WILL get this book into your hands.
While this has been an extremely frustrating situation, it has given us a chance to rethink our covers for my future releases and do we ever have some fun and breathtaking covers coming your way!
No champagne bottles or unrecognizable body parts will be in the mix so we’ll be fine!
I’m so excited for CATCH and for what comes after. In the meantime, I’ll busy myself with writing more romance and puppy proofing my home for our new little pup coming in October.
Prepare yourself for Benny the Sheltie posts. ❤
-Deborah Xo

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