It’s very common for Deborah to receive emails asking a lot of questions that readers share. To make it easier for readers, here is a list of some recurring questions, along with their helpful answers.

Q: When is Rush being released? 

A: Rush is on the way! The cover needed some updating to better match the story and the characters, so it has been a bit delayed but it is VERY close to completion.

Q: Is there a free novella for THIRST? 

A: Yes! After the release of Rush, I’ll be putting the final touches on this novella. You will receive information on how to get it onto your reading device through my newsletter. If you have yet to sign up, you can do so by clicking here.

Q: What is your privacy policy? 

A: You can view our privacy policy here.

Q: Is there a reading order and if so, what is it?

A: Please visit the Reading Order page here.

Q: So many characters, so little time! How is everyone related and intertwined?

A: Please refer to the Character Map for more information.

Q: I signed up for the newsletter/ mailing list but I’m not receiving anything.

A: Try checking your spam/junk folder. Sometimes, these mass emails can be flagged as spam.

Q: How do I receive an ARC?

A: Currently, Deborah’s ARC team is full, but watch for announcements of ARC giveaways here on our website and also on Facebook and Instagram.

Q: How do I receive the free novellas for OBSESSED, RUIN, PULSE, VAIN and EMBER?

A: The free novellas can be viewed at these links:

OBSESSED Free Novella

PULSE Free Novella

VAIN Free Novella

RUIN Free Novella

EMBER Free Novella

Q: Are you planning on releasing audio books?

A: Yes. Many of the audio books for my series and standalone novels/novellas are now available on Amazon and Audible. Please visit Audible here,  where you can view each book’s listing and order audio books. (If you are a new member of Audible, you will receive one free audio book just for signing up!)

Q: Do you plan on doing pre-orders?

A: Yes! To be the first to receive pre-order links when they become available, please join my newsletter here. Pre-orders will be available for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks.

Q: Do you have any advice for writers?

A: Keep writing and don’t ever give up on your dreams. Ever.

Question not listed? Email Deborah!