Important CATCH Update! New Release Date

September 25, 2020
Lightning strikes twice in the same place?
I am so disappointed to have to make this update, but…
CATCH is postponed to Tuesday, September 29th due to another issue with the updated cover. I’m told the cover is flagged and I am being contacted today in order to discuss this further. The retailer’s cover restrictions have changed drastically since January 2020 and I am just now learning to what extent.
I want to have the same cover across all of the platforms, as well as for my ARC readers, so the release will have to wait.
I am very disappointed and frustrated, but I am trying to remain positive! The book is coming and the story is FANTASTIC. Both covers are absolutely gorgeous and I am proud of either to represent this book. I’m trying to keep my chin up and I hope you know how sincerely sorry I am for this delay.
Some things are just beyond my control as an indie publisher.
The book will be in your hands on Tuesday, September 29th. This second issue should be resolved tomorrow, and then my designer and I can work into the weekend on a solution. Send lots of coffee my way, please?
Thank you for your incredible support and patience. I want to have some fun, so I’ll post a contest tomorrow and maybe we can all have a little laugh together. I could really use it.

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